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What Do We Offer?

Our philosophy is simple:

We want to create win-win scenario’s. This is a two way relationship, between seller and buyer. Plain and simple.

We are not a big, scary, greedy corporation. We are local, personable, friendly investors and tailor every deal to suit your needs as much as ours.

No tricks, hidden agendas or complicated speech. Everything is explained in simple terms, with no sales gimmicks or pressure.

We also charge NO FEES for our services to home sellers. It costs you nothing to find out what your options are.

If there is something you don’t know or don’t understand… please ask!

Belvin Haus offers solutions to selling your home. This extends to manufactured homes and plots of land.

We save you the hassle of worrying about renovating, updating or even staging your home. We want to buy houses in ‘as is’ condition. We are willing to make costly repairs and updates ourselves. This even goes as far as settling foundation issues.

Our services are free to sellers. Not a single hidden fee. Traditional sales routes involve realtors, hefty sales commissions and long time lines. That’s not how we operate. We look for homes we can invest in, with fast closing dates and make our profit on the back end once we are ready to sell.

Foreclosures and homes upside down on their mortgages are no problem. We have ways to help you there also, saving your credit in the process.

Every situation is unique so we take the time to get to know you and hear out exactly what your scenario is, before we make any kind of no-obligation offer. We like to meet our clients in person and figure out the best win-win deal for all involved.